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At Seven Marketing Consulting, we turn your shoes into business.

We are a consulting firm based in Lugano. We help brands to grow and to be more profitable by giving them access to our vast knowledge, experience and expertise of the shoe business.

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We create innovative products and marketing strategies to help footwear brands increase their market share.

Professional and diverse team

We have a strong knowledge of the footwear industry. From design to retail, marketing and manufacturing, our team is equipped to efficiently help you reach your goals.

Years of experience

We've been growing as a diverse and talented team of individuals, ever since 2009. We partner with both large companies and small, independent startups in the shoe business.

World class service

We help our clients improve their competitive position in the footwear industry. Offering a comprehensive service, from ideas to to designing, manufacturing, and marketing.



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Our goal is to help our clients make informed decisions, analyze the footware industry dynamics and trends that will shape future growth, provide details about the market's current state and prospects


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Create synergy for our clients on their current businesses by complementing them with leather bags, purses, travel accessories, and more. We know how to make the accessories line successful in the market.

Sports apparel

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We offer advice in the sporting goods value chain and landscape, including team sports, outdoor leisure, fitness, and more, as consumers place more of an emphasis on health and wellness activities.



Research and Analysis

We conduct thorough research to understand what the most important trends are in the fashion and footwear markets. This way, we can identify any opportunities for your company.


Strategy and Planning

We evaluate your current needs and capitalize on the things that will help you increase success rates in the short-term, and staying away from costly mistakes that can affect your project down the road.


Design and creative

During brainstorming, we put pen to paper and develop ideas. From the idea stage to color choices and exploring potentials, we generate and refine new shoe designs.


Prototyping and development

We make sure our footwear designs not only look good, but to be functional. We work with factories around the world to manufacture your design exactly as you envision it.

knife compass and awl placed on shoe design drafts

Clients say

Don’t just take our word for it

Seven Marketing Consulting has helped us tremendously with our footwear design. We had high ambitions for this collection, and they have exceeded our expectations.

I highly recommend Seven Marketing Consulting if you're looking for a thoughtful partner in developing ideas, and assisting with your business needs. Seven Marketing will help you grow without any regrets.”

Seven Marketing consulting is my go-to as they're able to effortlessly work with my ideas and bring their own creative input too.  All of our collaborations have resulted in a successful product or client, which is great!

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Lets work together

As a global leader, we can help your business overcome the challenges and risks of the ever-changing marketplace. Our ability to design cutting-edge footwear, devise and implement sound strategies, and deliver consistently positive results has been recognized by our industry.

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